Gilbert & Sullivan
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Item Number: GSB34
Title: The Hooligan, London Coliseum
Date: Feb 27th 1911
Key cast members:
James Welch
Condition: Covers are rough, with large patches applied, possibly to crudely repair tears. In addition the back cover is glued firmly to the back page, and the front cover is glued to half of the first page, although the date is quite readable. The centre pages, where the information about The Hooligan is printed, are unaffected. The cover also has some small areas where patches of white paper adhere, and the date in pen in the centre. Note that the Gilbert play was immediately preceded by an appearance by Horace Goldin, one of the top magicians of the period.
Price: £100 (c.$138 NB: conversion correct at time of listing only - please check today's rate)
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