Simply email C20th at stating the item(s) you require, using the code number(s) on the item description page and giving us your address, including country of residence.

Please note that we have a minimum order value of $15 or £10.

We take orders in the strict order in which they arrive in our inbox and will confirm whether the item is still available. If so, C20th will contact you once your item is packed, giving the total amount to pay including shipping options. You will then be asked to confirm that you still wish to purchase. The item(s) will be sent only when payment has been received.

C20th is based in the UK, but we are set up for receiving foreign currency, and have been shipping items abroad for many years.
Payment in US Dollars, Euros or Sterling (GBP) is acceptable.
PayPal is a great way to pay immediately for fast dispatch. Go to Paypal if you are not already registered. Paypal can only be used for orders less than $400, (although we can make an exception by arrangement), and we ask customers in the UK to send a cheque for items costing over £100 as the banking charges for Paypal are high. Our address for Paypal payments is "". Those in Canada and Japan can use Paypal to pay in Dollars or Yen.
The address for payment will be supplied in your confirmation note.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars or GBP and include packing but do not include shipping. To get an accurate translation into your own currency, we recommend the use of this currency converter. C20th ship anywhere in the world, charging actual costs as quoted on the Royal Mail website. We do not charge for packaging materials, even though we use high quality boxes and folders. However, once the total order has been added to the actual shipping cost we round UP to the next full dollar or pound. We always obtain a proof of posting and cannot accept non-arrival as grounds for a refund.


Q: Can I insure the item ?
A: The Royal Mail now insures packages sent to most countries, including the US. More details supplied on request.


Q: When will it get here ?
A: Airmail from the UK to mainland US and Australia takes about 7-10 days. We sometimes get items delivered in three days, and oc
casionally it takes two weeks. We usually go to the Post Office twice a week.


Q: Can I reduce the shipping cost even more ?
A: We can send the package by surface mail, which takes 6-8 weeks to the US. It is only a little cheaper, but might be an option for an especially heavy item. We will obtain a quote for you if requested. Please note that we pack items very safely, in good quality materials, at no cost to you. This may make the package heavier, but we feel you will benefit. We can sometimes re-pack lighter, but will then accept no responsibility for damage.

Q: Can you include an invoice or receipt ?
A: Packages are sent by "small packet" rate. This is much cheaper than regular airmail, but a condition is that no paperwork can be enclosed. Your parcel will contain just your item or items. A receipt can be sent by separate mail if required, although we may make a small charge for this service on items costing less than $20.


Q: How long will it take for my check to clear ?
A: Most checks clear in a week, although in rare cases it may take up to a month.
We reserve the right to hold shipping of goods until your cheque clears.


Q: Can I send a money order in Sterling ?
A: Yes, but please make sure that the bank address shown on the order is in the UK.
Some Western Union money orders may not be cashed outside the US, so please check with your bank first.


Q: Can I pay with a credit card ?
A: Sorry, no.

If your question has not been answered, then please contact C20th
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