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Part 1: 1940s
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Marilyn is uncredited on her first covers, as before her discovery by Hollywood she was simply a model, working as Norma Jeane Dougherty. Most images are the work of photographer Andre de Dienes, who took a series of shots of her in the mid 1940s, and then sold the images worldwide. The British magazine "Leader", and its competitor "Picture Post", were general interest magazines. Although both occasionally featured well known personalities on their covers, they most often used posed shots of pretty girls, usually with a seasonal reference.


LEADER: 13th April 1946

Most books and websites say that Marilyn's first solo cover was the April 26th, 1946, issue of the American magazine, "Family Circle". Wrong ! On the 13th April she had appeared on British newstands in a picture titled "The Flower Picker". Although a nationally circulated magazine, "Leader" was not a popular title, and copies are rarely found today. SOLD
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PICTURE POST: December 13th 1947

The first of Marilyn's three 1940s "Picture Post" covers; a stunning untitled shot by de Dienes. Monroe's silhouetted hand is raised in greeting.

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PICTURE POST: March 26th 1949

Titled "March Winds", this cover is often missed, as Marilyn, with her hair blown across her face, is not easily recognisable as the future movie star.

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PICTURE POST: August 13th 1949

Marilyn crouches on tiptoe on a beach, in this de Dienes shot, titled "Cloudless".



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