Homemaker - The Book

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photo of book reproduced with the permission of the publishers: Cameron & Hollis

"Homemaker, a 1950s Design Classic", first published in 1997, tells the full story. Written by Simon Moss, with the co-operation of designers Enid Seeney and Tom Arnold (the Ridgway Art Director, responsible for the shapes), as well as many other company workers, the book discusses in depth the development of the design, and its production. The 60+ pages are crammed with over 80 photographs and include a full shape listing and value guide, making the book invaluable for dealers and collectors alike. A red printed plate is featured on the 6.5" x 9.75" cover, and other rarities are discussed in detail as are backstamps, Seeney's other designs and the wares which were inspired by Homemaker. An interesting section describes the source material for some of the motifs.

In the five years since the first edition was published much new information has come to light. Some important new shapes have been discovered, as well as documentary evidence for the inspiration for more of the motifs, and a handful of new backstamps. An interesting sideline to the Homemaker story is that the American company Homer-Laughlin apparently made copies of the design in the Spring of 1959. The back pages of the second edition, now available, contain all this new information, and much more.

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